Communications are a must on the trail

Article by Ed Holnagel

Much is written about the importance of recovery gear and body protection for your trail rig but very few Jeepers I meet that are just starting out have any kind of communication capabilities beyond a cell phone, an item which is mostly useless out on most Jeep trails.

The long time standard in Jeep communications has been CB.  Although we personally hate CB radios and find them mostly useless they are still very popular in the 4x4 community and for that reason we do have them installed in our rigs.  Most of our core group prefer to use Amateur radio (ham) as it is much more versatile and better quality.

No matter what you choose to use the biggest problem for most (especially TJ and JK Jeep owners) is a total lack of space in which to mount a box type of radio.

For this reason we opted to go with the Cobra 75wx CB.  For those that are looking for a trail radio the 75wx is a great rig for vehicles with limited or no room for mounting radios.

Cobra 75WX and connection box

The 75wx is a all in one radio which resembles an oversized microphone.  On the face you will find an LCD readout that shows the channel number and all necessary buttons to control the radio including a very handy lock button that will keep your radio from changing frequency if it gets knocked around.

Included with the radio is a connection box that is about the size of a normal cell phone and can be mounted under the dash either using screws or as we did, zip tied to a wire bundle.  This box is where the antenna lead and power are connected.  A small pigtail exits the box and is the connection for the hand set.

At right around $100 it isn't the cheapest CB available but the real advantage to this radio besides being easy to install is that for around $25/ea you can order more expansion boxes (AC-701) for multiple vehicles.   All you need to do then is to un-plug the radio unit from the pigtail and take it to another vehicle.  The other nice advantage is that when parked you can remove your CB from the vehicle to keep it from getting stolen.

The WX in the model name stands for "weather" and the 75WX delivers well with NOAA weather radio receive which comes in handy for knowing what the weather will do and is a feature we really like.

For a CB that fits well with the lack of interior room in your Jeep take a good look at the Cobra 75WX.  You can order from in the NWJeepn store.