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If there is one thing the designers at Jeep have been remiss in providing in all Wranglers it is a useful handle for getting into the rig.  In the past the driver has resorted to grabbing the steering wheel and the passenger is relegated to using the grab bar above the glove box which is in a less than convenient location for lifting yourself into the seat.  The remedy for this problem has been to buy a cheap grab handle that uses Velcro to attach to the roll bar.  However these handles while being inexpensive and easy to install provide less than stable support as they easily move and rotate on the roll cage bar.  Outside of a custom roll cage with welded grab bars in the upper corners there has been no alternatives.

Enter the GraBar from Welcome Distributing, born from the necessity for owner Ken Welke to provide a solid grab bar for his elderly mother who enjoyed riding in his Jeep.   Ken’s desire was to have a sturdy grab bar that would not give way or move when being used for its intended purpose but also be easy to install and require no huge modifications to the Jeep, like welding in a new roll cage.  After many attempts and experiments Ken came up with a solid bar that mounts easily using stock factory bolt locations.

We recently installed a set of GraBars for both a TJ and the JK in a couple of our Jeeps.  Installation in a ’97 TJ was quick, taking only about 10 minutes.  Newer TJs with all that useless plastic around the windshield may take a bit longer though and require slight modification to the plastic parts, we support tearing it all out but that’s just us.  We found the bars which were equipped with the optional rubber grips to be very well made and very solid and their mounting location proves to be perfect for getting that lift up one needs to get into a taller Jeep.  Installation of the JK bars took just a bit longer and again required no modifications to the Jeep.  Just as with the TJ, the JK bars although shaped a bit different also provided a solid and stable handhold.  Both of the respective Jeep owners love these bars and at least in the case of the TJ, the handles have met with great “Wife Approval”.

All Grabars are powder coated in a durable and attractive textured finish and fabricated right here in the USA.  Grabars are available for the YJ, TJ and for both the 2 and 4 door versions of the JK.

If you have been looking for a more solid and sturdy replacement for the flimsy Velcro grab handles, head to Welcome Distributing’s web site and pick up a set of GraBars.