Mack Mountain Trail

Mack Mountain Trail (#98)

Distance: 8.75 miles
Approx. Running time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Unknown

The Mack mountain trail runs from Albion Hill Road west to join FS535.  Along the way the trail first climbs King Mountain then continues on to Mack mountain.

We have not had the opportunity to visit the Mack Mountain Trail Yet.  When we do we will have a full trail write-up.

Getting There:

From Kettle Falls, follow Hwy 20 east for 22 miles and on a hairpin turn watch for Albion Hill Rd. on the right.  Follow Albion Hill Rd. 4.5 miles uphill and watch for the Mack Mountain Trail on the right.  If there is a marker here it may be labled as RD# 468.  On the east end of the trail you should exit onto FS535.  Take a right here and follow the FS535 downhill to Deadman Creek and FS9565.  Turn right onto FS9565 to return back to Albion Hill Road.