Shoestring Trail 4W308

Shoestring Trail (4W308)

Distance: 3.46 Miles
Running Time: Approx. 1 to 1.5 hours one way
Difficulty: Most Difficult

Pass Needed: NO

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The Shoestring Trail is accessed about .4 miles east of Tripod Flats off of the Tripod Flats trail (4W307). This trail gets it's name from Shoestring lake which lies down in a valley along the trail. One must look very carefully through the trees to get a glimpse of Shoestring lake. To my knowledge there is not a Jeep trail down to the lake. During the winter months this trail is wet, slimy, and would rate most difficult. When we visited in June there were only a few muddy spots.

The trail climbs to the top of Manastash ridge to meet up with the Manastash Ridge Trail (4W306).  Prior to climbing up to the ridge you can turn left onto the String Trail (4W309) for an alternate route to the Manastash Ridge trail or for access to the Tipover Trail (4W330) to loop back to the Tripod Flats trail.  

The Shoestring rates as a "More Difficult" up to the intersection with the String Trail.  From that point west up to the top of the Manastash ridgeline there are a few spots that would rate as Most Difficult due to some very rocky, off camber areas that can be damaging to the sheet metal at best.



Getting There:

Follow directions for the Tripod Flats trail.  The trail head for Shoestring is located .4 mile east of Tripod Flats.