Thompson Ridge Trail #107

Thompson Ridge Trail (#107)

Distance: 4.25 miles
Approx. Running time: 2 Hours one way
Difficulty: Unknown

The Thompson Ridge Trail begins off of FS080 just prior to the Davis Lake Campground.  The trail runs along Thompson Ridge for about 4.25 miles and as far as we know it does not have an outlet.

We have not had the opportunity to visit the Thompson Ridge Trail Yet.  When we do we will have a full trail write-up. 

Getting There:

Traveling north on Hwy 395 at almost 9.7 miles north of Kettle Falls, turn left on the FS460 road.  Follow FS460 west for 3.68 miles and turn right on FS465.  After 3.3 miles on FS465 the road will end at a T, turn left and proceed west, this road may be either labled as 480 or 080.  After 2 miles watch for a turn on the right doubling back up the hill.  This should also be the FS080 road.  Follow this another 3.3 miles to Davis Lake.  The trail head will be on the left 3.3 miles after making the right turn on FS080 and may be signed as FS260.   At just over .5 mile FS260 should bear to the right and run back down hill.  Continue on the Thompson Ridge Trail, staying to the left to run the ridge line.