Tripod Flats Trail 4W307

Tripod Flat Trail (4W307)

Distance: 5.1 miles
Running Time: Approx. 2 to 3 hours one way
Difficulty: More Difficult

Pass Needed: NO


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The Tripod Flat Trail is a very typical northwest trail in that it winds it's way through conifer forest littered with lots of roots, rocks and tight turns that is best suited to short wheel base vehicles. At about the half way point in the trail is Tripod Flat, hence the name. This meadow is used in the fall by hunters and it is not unusual to see large wall tents here set up for camp. 

The worst section of this trail is to the west side of Tripod Flat. To the east of Tripod flat, while there is some challenging areas the trail does get a little easier, and has some very nice views.

Access to the Shoestring trail (4W308) is from the Tripod Flat Trail approximately .4 miles east of Tripod Flat.



Gettng There:

From Ellensburg: Follow Umptanum road west 1.66 miles and turn right onto Manastash Road (there is a school here on the right) Continue west on Manastash Road (which turns into FS31) for 21.2 miles and turn left on FS3104. After .71 miles on FS3104 you will find the trail head on the left for the Tripod Flat Trail. From Hwy. 410: Approximately 3 miles west of Clifdell on Hwy. 410, turn onto FS1708 (Milk Pond Lake Rd.). Follow FS1708 for approximately 8.6 miles to the trailhead for 4W685. Take 4W685 to the top of the Manastash Ridge. At the top of the ridge turn to the left to start the Tripod Flat Trail.