Van Epps Pass Trail 4W302

Van Epps Pass Trail(4W302)

Distance: 5 miles
Running Time: Approx 1.5 hours one way
Difficulty: Easy

Pass Needed: NO

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The Van Epps Pass trail is like the rest of the trails in this area, an old mine access road. In fairly good condition this is a fun and mostly easy trail. Combined with 4W303 (Van Epps Loop) trail, this makes for a great day of wheelin' with spectacular scenery.

The Van Epps Pass trail tops out at approximately 5800' in elevation and awards you with some spectacular views. At the end of the trail is the remnants of some mining operations. You will find scattered debris and what is left of a few buildings in the area.

There is a trail that leads to the east from here which requires you to drive in the creek for a short distance, but not to far into it you will see (or hopefully see) a sign that designates the boundary of the Wilderness area.  Although the trail continues on in very good condition past this sign, driving past it into the wilderness area can land you some nasty fines if you are caught.  Just don't do it!  Turn around here!




Getting There:

From Roslyn Washington follow hwy 903 north along Cle Elum Lake 15.75 miles to the Cayuse Campground and Salmon La Sac ranger station. The road narrows here and you might think you are in the campground and at a dead end, but keep going and turn right on FS4330, this is a gravel road. Once on FS4330 travel 6.74 miles and turn right onto the Fortune Creek Trail. The trail head is marked as a trail but it was in bad shape due to vandalism. 2 miles in on the Fortune Creek Trail you should see the beginning of the Van Epps trail on the left, it curls up the hill then crosses a good logging road before continuing on.


Cle Elum River. On Cle Elum Valley Road #903, 15 miles north of Cle Elum. Facilities:  
  Group site can be reserved for up to 100 persons.
Gallagher Head lake                   Primative campground on south side of lake.
Red Mountain. On Cle Elum Valley Road #903, 16 miles north of Cle Elum.  
  Tent camping
Salmon La Sac  At the end of the Cle Elum Valley Road #903, 19 miles north of Cle Elum.  
Firewood available, no ATVs/ORVs allowed. Comfort station.

Wish Poosh  10 miles northwest of Cle Elum on Hwy 903



RV Parks

  • Lodging

    Cle Elum/Roslyn Chamber of Commerce lodging list