Warn Heavy Duty Gas Tank Skid Plate

Warn Skid Plate

If your wheelin' is getting a little more serious and you are finding yourself on tougher trails then you really need protection for your gas tank. Jeep TJs and YJs have very vulnerable gas tanks that do not take well to being bounced off of rocks and obstacles.  The factory stamped sheet metal skid is woefully inadequate for serious off road use.  One good hit can easily cost you upwards of $1000 for a new tank and fuel pump/sender unit.

The solution is to replace the factory skid plate with a heavy duty unit that can take the beating that the trail can dish out. If you don't have the facilities or know how to make your own then consider the skid plate made by Warn.  Warn has long since been known for building the best winches available but to a lesser degree most don't know they also make some good protection too.

The Warn Heavy Duty Gas Tank Skid plate protects all sides of your Jeeps gas tank with 3/16" plate steel and feature drain holes to allow mud, water and debris out without compromising on protection and come coated in black powder coat.  We do recommend the use of rubberized undercoating on anything under your Jeep however as even powder coating will come off with repeated contact with the rocks.

Warn Gas Tank Skid plates are available through our store in the 'Jeep Armour' section

Warn 67820 Fuel Tank Skid Plate Skid plate for 97-05 Jeep TJ

Warn 66550 Fuel Tank Skid Plate Skid plate for 87-95 Jeep YJ

Tip:  If you use the "make sure it fits" table on Amazon it will give you false information.  The 67820 skid plate will fit 97-05 Jeep TJ vehicles per Warn's own web site data.