Kaner Flats Trail 4W307

Kaner Flats Trail (4W676)

Distance: 6.9 miles

Running Time:  Approx. 4 - 5 hours

Difficulty:  More to Most Difficult

Pass Needed: NO

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The Kaner Flats trail runs from FS1903 up hill to join with 4W306 (Manastash Ridge Trail) and is a mix of off-camber, hill climbs, tree roots and above Lily Pond Lake, lots of rocks. In the wet months this trail becomes a winch fest with hill climbs that are all but impossible to even walk up let alone drive up.

From FS1903 up to the intersection with FS-1901 the trail is rated as More Difficult and in the dry parts of the year would actually boarder on being easy. 1.5 miles from the start you come back onto FS1903, from here follow the markers and turn right to follow FS1903 .75 mile to pick up the trail again on the left.. At 2.09 miles you come out on FS-1901 turning right and continuing on FS1901 to pick up the trail again after .2 miles. The trail continues it's climb from FS1901 and becomes a Most Difficult rating at this point.

East of FS-1901 rigs that have excessive lift (6" or more) with taller tires are guaranteed some damage due to the off-camber spots tipping you into nearby trees. This is not a trail for stock rigs, new drivers or the faint of heart.  At one hill climb access has been blocked with large trees to stop damage that was being done.  The only way up the hill is a line to the left side and between two very close together trees.  Full size rigs will be guaranteed damage here as the trees only have about enough room between them for a Jeep.

There are ample chances to exit the trail at a number of points up to Lily Pond Lake so you can make the trail as long or as short as you would like.  If you don't wish to do the harder parts of the trail then do the lower section up to FS-1901 and exit at that point.

East of Lily pond lake the trail traverses some very large rock fields that will leave you a little shaken up at the end of the day.  However the views from the upper sections of the trail are beautiful.

Getting There:

Approximately 3.5 miles west of Clifdell on Hwy. 410 Turn north onto FS19 (paved road) and drive approximately 2.9 miles, turn right onto FS1903 (gravel road). Follow this road for approximately .5 miles to the start of the trail.  The Kaner trail starts on the right side of the road, there should be a trail maker here for 676 and a message board.  Staging, camping and pit toilets are available on the left side of FS-1903.


See camping areas along the FS19 Rd on Google Maps.

Kaner Flats: FS 19 (Little Naches River Rd.)  
Vault toilets & dumpsters. Little Naches River nearby. RV loop. Popular motorcycle area. (1) Barrier free - flush toilet.  $12
Crow Creek:

FS 1902


Vault toilets & dumpsters. Little Naches River nearby; popular motorcycle area.   $8